To become a member of The Learning Consortium please check below that you are eligible. All membership applications are approved by our Board of Trustees. For an application form contact

Membership Criteria

Membership of The Learning Consortium (TLC) is dependant on the proposed member meeting the requirements of the organisation’s constitution and having activities and governance that are consistent with the organisation’s objects. The following criteria were agreed by the Board as being the most effective way of translating these requirements into a clear and accurate approach for identifying organisations’ eligibility for membership.

Eligibility for membership is defined by meeting the following four criteria:

  1. Geography: The organisation is based in the East Midlands.
  2. Governance: The organisation can clearly demonstrate that it works outside the statutory sector and has a not-for-profit motive at the heart of its governance arrangements
  3. Purpose: The organisation is involved in developing and delivering learning and development opportunities
  4. Benefit: The organisation’s constitution demonstrates that its activities clearly benefit the community by addressing social inequalities through improving access to learning opportunities for disadvantaged groups or organisations that support these groups.


All membership applications will be approved by the Board of Trustees. Any applicant that appears not to fulfil the criteria will be written to by the Chief Executive with an explanation. There will be information on how to lodge an appeal to the full Board to have their application reconsidered.